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It’s the dream of many to become citizens of the United States of America. This country, while not perfect, offers a level of opportunity, safety, and wealth that are unmatched elsewhere in the world; many hope to build a better life for themselves and their families by gaining the rights and privileges that U.S. citizens have (such as voting, traveling with a U.S. passport, etc.). Citizens can also petition for other family members to enter the country. However, applying for citizenship is a complicated process. You need to meet several requirements, file paperwork, undergo an interview, pass a civics test, and more. Any missteps made along the way can prolong a decision or lead to a denial. That’s why it is in your best interests to get help from a skilled citizenship lawyer who truly cares about your future and who can work towards the best outcome!

Isaac Ortega of Ortega Law Group is uniquely positioned to assist you as you pursue citizenship. Not only does he have family members who have also been through the process, but he has represented hundreds of clients in a variety of immigration matters, including those involving the USCIS, Board of Immigration Appeals, and the 9th Circuit. He understands, personally and professionally, how stressful and sensitive it can be to be in your shoes, but because of his legal background (as a former police officer and seasoned attorney), he can guide you every step of the way towards an expedited resolution. He will take the time to fully explain your legal options and answer your questions; you can have peace of mind that your case is in the right hands! Call today to schedule a free consultation and learn more.

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Isaac Ortega was very friendly to speak with over the phone about my I-129F fiancé visa questions! He was helpful and had personal experience with the process that was good to know. I highly recommend working with him if you have the chance!

Sam A.

Great law office. It went beyond my expectations. Isaac is very attentive to every detail, very thorough. He takes his time to explain things and walks you through the whole process with honesty. He was very prompt in getting back to my calls and emails. He was patient to answer all my questions and made everything go super smooth. Thank you for the great service. I highly recommend him.

Emilia Q.

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